Renewable Energy India and Green Energy Expo & Conference join the network leader in events dedicated to solar energy at the global level

Renewable Energy India and Green Energy Expo & Conference join the network leader in events dedicated to solar energy at the global level

Milan, May 8, 2013 – On the occasion of the 2013 edition of Solarexpo, during a press conference held today to mark the opening day of the first Global Solar Summit (May 8 and 9, Milan-Rho Trade Fair), the Global Solar Alliance announced the enlargement of the network with the entry of two new members that represent the most important trade fair exhibitions in India and Korea in the field of renewable energies: Renewable Energy India and Green Energy Expo & Conference.

The announcement marks the first year since the establishment of the first international network of specialist events and technical-scientific conferences by Solarexpo (Europe), Solar Power International (USA) and Snec Pv Power Expo (China) and confirms its intention to become an effective platform for debate and information-sharing on the markets of the respective countries in order to favour growth in solar energy on a global scale.

In a joint declaration, the organisers of Solar Power International, through the words of Rhone Resch, President, President and CEO of SEIA - Solar Energy Industries Association and Julia Hamm, President and CEO of SEPA - Solar Electric Power Association, stated: “We are delighted to announce the enlargement of the Global Solar Alliance and the inclusion of the main events of reference for renewable energies in India and Korea, two countries witnessing significant development which can offer investment opportunities for the global solar industry. In the light of the reappraisal of the historic role of important markets for solar energy in Europe, the United States and new emerging markets represent the key to continuous growth in the sector.”

The Global Solar Alliance, thanks to the new partners support and contribution, proposes to develop a series of new initiatives that will be announced and presented on the occasion of the 2013 edition of Solar Power International that will be held in Chicago the next October.

Massimiliano Cecchin, Head of Business Development di Solarexpo e Member of the Board of Director della Global Solar Alliance declares: ”The mission of the Global Solar Alliance is to promote the growth and use of solar energy at the global level through significant and substantial cooperation between the main events in the sector of international standing. The inclusion in the network of Green Energy Expo and Renewable Energy India represents an important contribution in this direction, with particular orientation towards the new emerging markets,”.

Rajneesh Khattar, Managing Director of Renewable Energy India said: “Collaboration is one of the key words today in the context of a vibrant, dynamic market at the international level and the idea of a global alliance was conceived with this intention. We are proud to become part of the network and have the chance to actively take part in the initiatives that will be organised by the Alliance in order to disseminate a culture of using renewables as primary energy sources.”

Harper Lee, Project Manager of Green Energy Expo & Conference stated: “We hope that Green Energy Expo & Conference will be able to offer an important contribution to the development of the Global Solar Alliance through the synergy between the five most important specialist events at the international level in order to create new opportunities for the global solar market in favour of the sustainable growth of the economy."

Established by Solarexpo, SNEC PV Power Expo and Solar Power International, which are among the major exhibitions dedicated to solar energy in Europe, China and the United States, the Global Solar Alliance is the first international chain of events promoting the growth and use of solar energy in favour of a low-carbon economy, facilitating the dissemination of information and awareness of the importance of the issue among trade specialists, public opinion and the political world.
The initiative aims to become an effective platform for interchange in order to harmonise the growth of the solar markets on a global scale. At the same time, through broader, targeted membership and new initiatives on the local scale, it intends to act as a powerful catalyst for the development of new, emerging markets for solar technologies, given the growing demand for sustainable energy and the challenges associated with access to energy at the global level.

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